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Trees Under $30

A bonsai forest will brighten any room, and will make a great conversation piece. A well placed bonsai will become a central point in the room, giving the entire house a more relaxed feeling. The tranquility of a bonsai tree will bring a calming effect, a great way to wind down after a hard day, or give a quiet moment of meditation before bedtime.

Surinam Cherry - Medium (eugenia uniflora)

Surinam Cherry - Medium (eugenia uniflora)

Blue Moss Cypress-Medium

Blue Moss Cypress-Medium Chamecyparis "glauca minima")

Very attractive feathery blue foliage. Develops a nice trunk and forms natural broom style. May be shaped into pom-poms or tradition style if desired. Does well in a cool window during the winter. Imported from Japan. Easy care. 7 years old 7" tall. Suitable 6" x 8" oversized humidity tray is recommended. To purchase add $2.95 (50% off regular price) with tree order. Shipped via UPS 2-3 days $10.95.

Chinese Elm (ulmus

Chinese Elm (ulmus parvifolia)

Has small evergreen serrated leaves which is ideal for bonsai. Hardy, with exellent branching characteristics. Popular indoor bonsai. 5 tree group, each 7 years old. 18"x13"x14". Potted in a 14" oval brown ceramic container as shown. Suitable 14.5"x10.5" humidity tray is recommended. To purchase add $11.95 (50% off regular price with tree order). Shipped via UPS Ground - $59.95.