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Trees Under $30

  A bonsai forest group will brighten any room, and will make a great conversation piece. A well placed bonsai will become a focal point in the room, giving the entire room a more relaxed, outdoor feeling. The tranquility of a bonsai forest group will bring a calming effect, a great way to wind down after a hard day, or give a quiet moment of meditation before bedtime.

Gold Thread Cypress-23"x18"x17" (chamaecyparis pisifera 'filifera aurea' nana)

Gold Thread Cypress-23

Boulevard Cypress-21

Boulevard Cypress-21"x18"x32" (chamecyparis pisifera 'boulevard')

This broad, sweeping, conical-shaped evergreen has graceful, flattened, fern-like branchlets which gently droop at branch tips. AKA Silver Cypress because the foliage has silver-white branch tips. Hardy. Keep outdoors. 14 years old. 21"x18"x32". Potted in a 10" blue ceramic rectangular container as shown. Suitable 14.5"x10.5" humidity tray is recommended. To purchase add $11.95 (50% off regular price with tree order). Shipped via UPS ground - $95.00.

Juniper Tree - 10" (Juniper Procumbens "nana")

Juniper Tree - 10

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Idaho Falls