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Trees Under $30

A bonsai tree forest will brighten any room, and will make a great conversation piece. A well placed bonsai plant will become a focal point, giving the entire room a more relaxed feeling. The tranquility of a bonsai tree will have a calming effect, a great way to wind down after a hard day, or give a quiet moment of meditation before bedtime.

Golden Hawaiian Umbrella Tree (arboricola schefflera)

Root over Rock Ficus  (Ficus Natasha)

Rock Hornbeam (carpinus

Rock Hornbeam (carpinus turczaninovii)

Native to Korea, China and Japan. Full size leaves are 2" but reduce nicely as bonsai. New foliage is a deep bronze color which turns to a combination of red, orange and yellow in the fall. The catkins are about 2" long. Produces hop-like flowers and seed pods when mature. Decideous. Keep outdoors. 7-9 years old - 5 tree group. 20"x14"x14". Potted in a 14" ceramic brown oval container as shown. Suitable 14.5"x10.5" humidity tray is recommended. To purchase add $11.95 (50% off regular price with tree order). Shipped via UPS ground - $49.95.

Juniper Tree - 10" (Juniper Procumbens "nana")

Golden Hawaiian Umbrella Tree (arboricola schefflera)

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