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A flowering bonsai tree will brighten any room, and will make a great showpiece. A well placed bonsai plant will become a focal point in the room, giving the entire room a more relaxed feeling. The tranquility of a bonsai tree will bring a calming effect, a great way to wind down after a long day, or give a quiet moment of meditation before bedtime.

Sago Palm-Exotic (Small) (Cycas Revoluta)

Sago Palm-Exotic (Small) (Cycas Revoluta)

Bougainvillea (bougainvillea

Bougainvillea (bougainvillea 'glabra')

In 1768 Admiral Louis de Bougainville discovered the vine that bears his name. Through the ensuing years, this Brazillian beauty has assumed its rightful place as one of the most popular, spectacular and most beautiful tropical plants. The vibrant red and pink colors comes not from the small white tubular flowers, but from the three large paper-like bracts that surround each flower. Hence the nickname "paper flower". The Bougainvillea will typically lose some leaves for a short time during the winter due to the lower lighting conditions. Under high lighting conditions the colorful bracts will adorn this tree trained vine almost constantly and will persist for weeks. Great indoor bonsai. 15 years old. 15"x13"x25". Potted in a 10" ceramic blue/green rectangular container as shown. Suitable 10"x8" humiditry tray is recommended. To purchase add $4.95 (50% off regular price with tree order). Shipped via UPS ground - $59.95

Juniper "Karate Kid Tree" - Extra Large (Juniper Procumbens "nana")