Want to see what it takes to make a music video for your band. You can make your bands video with this Canon XL-1S Digital Video Camera, and edit it on your PC or mAC and produce a professional looking music video for a fraction of the cost of using 35mm or 16 mm movie film.

XL-1 S Digital Video & Still Camera - NEW!

XL-1 S Digital Video & Still Camera - NEW!

Want access to an entire library of picture images? Check out Photo SPin, they have lots of high qualiy images, and can help speed up any website design building job.

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Band Photography, Website Design Services, and Photographer Available
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Does  your band  need
a  pro  photographer
to  immortalize you
in photos, words or
on the web?
Want a cool flyer for
The Big Show or Concert?
Need a Website or Photos to
help  promote your band?
Writing truly great copy is
an artform where we
are the specialist.
Want your band's name to get better
search engine exposure?
E-mail us for details and prices on
 flyers, photography, word and website design.

Band photos flyers digital pictures promotion MP3

Band Photography and Photo Services Available

Group shots of the bands, practice gigs, and concerts are all great photo ops for the band. The more pictures, exposure and promotions increase any bands reputation. Get great digital photos or real film pictures of your concert or show, and use them for your website promos or Demo CD picture. Digital cameras and Nikon film cameras for professional photography shots. We d1 digital shots to the web, for easy viewing of your band pictures. Downloading photos lets the entire band look at a picture whenever they want on our website. Password protection available. Specializing in high speed film without flash. Great fill flash and flash photos also, but nothing captures the mood and feel of a club or concert like ambient lighting in for the picture.

Your Mother is not a Photographer

Get a photographer to shoot photos for a Website, Demo CD,
Concert Flyer, CD Debut release or The Big Show.
Photo services available in the
Huntington Beach,
Orange County and
 Los Angeles area.
.        .        .
-         -         -
.        .        .
Reasonable  Rates,
digital photos from
$50.00 - $100.00
per show.

Get ready for that career in Rock n Roll by knowing how to look good in front of the camera. Portfolios for modeling also available, great pictures for both men and women. Photography portfolio available on request. Band photography, model shots, head shots, Zed cards and promotional photographs. E-mail for details about scheduling photo shoots in the Huntington Beach, Orange County and Los Angeles areas. Will travel outside the HB, OC, LA area for photography assignments.

Band flyers for concerts and shows. Musical act

The Big Show
with Style.

Want some quick artwork for a band promo or flier?
We can do a basic band flyer in less than a day.
You provide artwork and dates, we provide
copy and design. E-mail services for
quick turnaround. We E-mail you
the artwork on JPEG's,
you print the flyers.

Digital photography digital photos pictures JPEGs

This digital photo
was the starting point
for the Fauntleroy Flyer.

Website Design Services and Band Webite
Promotion Available
Prices start at 250.00 for a basic 6 page site with 2 blank formatted pages, no frills, no flash. As your band grows with a larger fan base and more popularity, we can easily add flash animation and movies, more web sites, pages, site features, MP3 sound files or MPEG movies for you. We will write the copy, and let you read and make changes, all done over the web. 4 MP3 files of original music that you provide will be available for download from the site from the first day the site is published to the web. You can make the entire songs available for download, or just a short clip. CD conversion to MP3 at no additional cost, single edit to shorten a song provided at no cost. We will set up 8 links to external sites for your band, either from pictures or text. Also included is a link from this site, which will help to increase your band's name recognition and exposure through search engine placements. Also available, a writer will attend a show from the band, that way the feel of the website can more accurately depict the band. Otherwise we will write copy based on the sound, feel, and style of the music in your CD Demo. We can write first draft of copy and let you add and edit, or if you provide a first draft of copy we can polish, stylize it and make it search engine friendly. You can send us up to 12 JPEG picture files for inclusion on the website.
Photography services also available at an additional cost of 50.00 to 100.00 for digital photos, more with Nikon camera and Kodak film photographs.
HB, OC and LA area clubs and venues.
Also included is 30 minutes of tutorial time on website maintenance so the band can maintain their own website if they want.
Sample 8 page website we can write up and format for your band:
Your Band Name (Home Page)
Band Bios
Show and Concert Dates
MP3 DL (up to 4 songs)
Contact, Fan Club and Booking Info
Blank page (Links or ?)
Blank page (Message Board)

Need a website for your band?
Contact us, we can set one up for you
in a week or less.

Web Promo fliers Flyers 4 musical acts bands CD

Website Promotion Services
for the Band,
Put your band on a fast track
with a worldwide fan base.

Already have a website for the band but don't have any net traffic heading your way. Internet musical promotions are a great and inexpensive way to build a large world wide web fan following.
WWW. My-Band-is-All-Over-the-Net.com is where it is at today for large scale exposure and publicity at affordable costs. Why limit your website internet promotions to handing out your web address to friends and putting your www. MyBand.com on flyers and demo CD's. Get search engine exposure and placement to reach the maximum amount of new fans. We can show you how to promote your site. Get listed, be seen, get heard, become known. We can help you do it.

Photography for band photos and CD covers website

Find all of your Photo needs on eBay

Check out the E-Bay auction site for deals on new and used 35MM cameras, digital cameras, video cameras, digital video camera, camera bargains and camera and video accessories. Some digital cameras start at prices around 50.00.

Band photography photos pictures web site photo MP

Band flyer promote concert show promotions flyers